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60hrs Yin Yoga Training, HIKKADUWA, Sri Lanka (module 1)

  • Earthlinks Dodanduwa Dodandugoda Rd Hikkaduwa, SP Sri Lanka (map)

Join me in Sri Lanka for this residential training, a whole week to discover the slower paced and more passive style of yoga where postures are held longer, ranging from two to five minutes. This training is for teachers and practitioners of yoga who would like to deepen their understanding of Yin and Yang and to be on the receiving side of the teachings of yoga. To let yourself reconnect to your purpose as a teacher and practitioner. This is a gift to oneself, to fully recharge and experience how the teachings of yin yoga will enrich your niche as a yoga teacher and practitioner by deepening your personal practice

Topics covered: What is Yin yoga, Philosophy of Yin and Yang, Postures, Use of props, Anatomy, Fascial system, Meridian theory, Uniqueness of the human body, How to teach yin yoga, Creating sequences, Integration of mindfulness and meditation and much more.