"You owe it to yourself to be yourself" - Yogi Bhajan


Anna Batalia Boncompte & Narcis Galceran Planas

It was the first day we tried yoga in our life: we had never practiced before. We thought we knew what it was but certainly did not really know what to expect. Comfortable cloths on, yoga mat with us, there we go! My boyfriend and I walk into the classroom. The teacher comes in: Hello! My name is Alexandra. Thats how everything started 3 years ago. Alexandra made us fall in love with yoga and since then we haven't stopped practicing. THANK YOU Alexandra for sharing with us your biggest passion, for your professionality and for the touch of humor in each class. 

Narcís & Anna, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


christopher hemmans 

My time in Goa with you Alexandra was a pivotal moment in my life. Both as a practitioner and as a teacher. In moments of retrospect, I feel privileged to have had you take my hand on this part of my journey. Your voice is a very important voice in the world of yoga and I’m hoping that the universe opens up other doors of opportunity for you. I can only advise anyone who is on the search for a proper teacher training to find you. And to absorb all that you have to give. Respectively...SHARE. Forever grateful. Namaste ❤️

YTT, Soul & Yoga, Goa 2018


Monique Zimmermann 

I met Alex through my yoga teacher training in Goa. I came one day late and was worried and also nervous being in India for the first time. The moment I entered the group, Alex made sure I was feeling comfortable with her energy and her presence. With her strength and energy and at the same time a big heart and softness she opened a space for self-discovery, learning & new perspectives.

It was not only a perfect atmosphere for self-discovery & deepness but also for a lot of fun, laugher and humor, easiness and making new friends. Thank you Alex for you. Lets meet soon again for Yoga, Dancing, Eating, Sun-Bathing, Cappuccino & Croissant.

YTT, Soul & Yoga, Goa 2018


MAx vial

Over two years I followed classes with Alexandra, with great pleasure. Her enthusiasm for yoga, personal attention and sense of humor, were my reasons to continue her classes. But a real treat is private sessions, a real gift to one-self. Alexandra has a good sense of empathy in her students, and knows exactly how to bring the best out of her students. After a class, private and group, with her I feel more energised, stronger, clear mind and flexible then before. These experiences I take with me in my practice and my life. Namasté. 

The Netherlands


emma saunders

Alex is warm and approachable, and her passion for yoga and developing others is tremendous. I was first taught by Alex on my 200hr yoga teacher training where I found her to be both an inspiration and a good example of how it is possible to bring yoga into the western world and still keep it's integrity. To this day Alex is an ongoing support in my journey as a yoga teacher and I recommend anyone to attend a class or training with her. 

YTT, Soul & Yoga, Goa 2017