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sri lanka - unawatuna

For my Indian visa, I needed to take a short brake outside the country. I decided to travel to Sri Lanka for a short break, also to see if I wanted to go here for a longer trip in the future. Unawatuna in the turned out to be a very good choice, a short travel from the airport of Colombo, on my arrival I had organised a car and on return I made the trip by train. Unawatuna is a very popular area in the country…

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When we start teaching classes, only then we start to develop what we really would like to share and how we would like to share all we are learning in our trainings. What works for one, does not necessary mean it will work for the other. Some are really happy teaching community classes and someone else will find his or her happiness in creating an online platform. I myself have found my ‘niche’ of teaching trainings, helping students to expand their knowledge and give them more tools to bring in their communities.

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online or not

During the last few weeks I have received a lot of questions from students about social media and teaching yoga. For some in the yoga community it is seen as a controversial topic and I don’t think it should be. When we teach, we master our art of sharing and this can also continue into what we share online. 

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