essential oils by doTERRA

For a long time I have been silent about the essential oils that I use from doTERRA. Mostly because I was learning and educating myself about use and properties. Now I have finally taken the time to write for you the why and how these beautiful oils can also be beneficiary for you. 

First I would like to take a few words to emphasize that the the senses of us humans, are very influential on how we experience these oils. Our taste and smell, are individual. So what for me personally smells heavenly and amazing, can very well be the opposite for someone else. In these blogs, I will more get into the educational side and will leave a personal ‘opinion’ aside. Be curious and experience, let your senses do the big work and then follow your heart. 

Since I left Europe last year to go traveling, I ended up spending most of the winter months in India, with a few short breaks to the Maldives and Sri Lanka. One oil I still have with me now, amazing how long a bottle of 15ml will last, is the On Guard Protective Blend. Made from clove, orange and cinnamon, supporting a healthy immune system. Every time I am set to travel from one location to the next, I would take a day prior to departure till the day after arriving on destination, a few drops of On Guard in my morning water bottle. When needing to go to busy airports, trains stations, overnight buses, you encounter a lot of other people and I do believe this is a blend that kept me healthy and feeling well all the time. If I feel that I need it on other times, to boost my immune system a little bit, I will just add some in my water. Besides the above reasons, I personally do love the uplifting smell as well!

The second oil I have on me is a roll-on touch Peppermint. It is really handy, already diluted with fractionated coconut oil, so fully safe to apply directly on your skin. To refresh it is nice to touch it on the temples, the back of the neck, on the wrist… It is a refreshing, relieve feelings of tension, alleviating headaches which can sometimes happen when being in enclosed spaces for longer time. And it is very handy if you need to sit in a crowded bus or plane with less fresh odours close by ;)


For daily use, instead of needing to press a lemon for the juice and adding this in my water, I take a few drops of Lemon oil in my water. Like this I have wherever I go an easy access to starting my day how I prefer and do not rely on what is available in hotels, airBnB or friends places where I sleep. If you happen to have the Peppermint as oil instead of roll-on, add a drop to your water when you need a refresher half way through the day or a drop under your tongue to freshen up your breath;).

Because this is one of the oils that is food grade, it is safe to use in for example your favourite recipe of vegan chocolate balls, or use the recipe right here:

Ingredients: 1 cup of roasted Almonds (unsalted), 1 cup of roasted cashews (unsalted), 3 – 4 Tbsp cacao, 12 pitted Medjool dates (soak in warm water first if they are not very moist enough), 4 drops of food grade essential oil. I first put the oil on a separate spoon, seen it is quickly too strong!!


Put all the almonds and cashews in a food processor/blender that is strong enough to grind nuts. When they have the consistency you like, add the remaining ingredients and process for about a minute. Make them into balls or cubes, bite-size is the easiest. Optional to roll them with some coconut or other nuts for decoration and let them cool in the fridge. A guilt free treat to enjoyed with a nice cup of tea;)!

So when you purchase these oils, start by testing them for your self first. Feel your personal reaction, but also notice how people around you might react. I have my experience only with the oils from doTERRA, because I know these are 100% safe to use. Not all oils are produced by keeping this high quality. 

If you have specific questions, if you have interest yourself to start using more natural products in your life, in your household, be free to contact me at any time. We can schedule a call at your convenience if you prefer to talk instead of writing.