education. empowerment.


When we talk about education, especially in the developed countries in the west, we don’t always realise that having access to education is not equal to each and everyone. But with education, the circle of poverty can be broken and opportunities will become accessible. Think about yourself for a moment, how different your life would have been if you would not have had the access to school as a small kid. Not knowing how to read, write, calculate, play, communicate… How different would your life be now? If I think about how my parents raised my brother and me, letting us make choices we thought would be best for us. Life was not a set path, we were not expected to do the same work our parents were doing. Maybe the only expectations they had for us was to grow up to a person who could make the right decisions, based upon integrity, compassion and the right choices.


There are still many places in the world where education is not available for every child born on this planet. And to be able to preserve this planet as long as we would like, these children need education. For themselves, to have the understanding and the ability to make choices, but also to educate the people around them. Education is a path to choice. Choice is empowerment. Empowerment comes from education.

When I recently got admitted in the ambassador program of Karma Collab, I could not be more grateful. This project has a purpose of dedication to the education of girls in India & the empowerment of women on a global scale. If I can quote Amanda Noga, the founder of Karma Collab: “When you empower a woman you liberate a family, when you educate a girl, you transform the future.” 

It is a striving to provide the opportunity for girls, young women and mothers in developing countries to get break free of their economic cycle. Fior di Loto Foundation is a school in Pushkar, the North-West of India. this school was founded in 2003 by Mare Sundre in 2003, an Italian woman who created these great and positive changes for the village. Without the help of the school and donations, these girls would go without education and chances for choice in their lifes. All funds raised through Karma Collab go directly to supporting the girls at Fior di Loto. Check their websites for more information and how you could directly donate. From all workshops and trainings I will be teaching in the coming year, I will donate a part of the proceeds to this program. 

“Karma Collab was born out of a passionate love of India and the resilient spirit of her people”