little change…big result

First, let me get this straight, I am not telling you to live your life a certain way. Especially nowadays, where everywhere around us we hear: Do this! Do that! Is better for you! I have just 6 healthy habits for you which are easy to implement, creating a more healthier lifestyle. Below you find tips for minor changes, but which will lead to big results. So let’s get the lis, shall we?

Morning hydration. 

First of all the why: you have been sleeping for a certain amount of hours (hopefully long enough, more about that later) and during this time, you have not been drinking any water. Start the morning with a large glass of water. This can be room temperature, so you prepare it the previous night on your bedside table. But it can also be warm (boiled) water with a squeeze of lemon juice or a drop of lemon oil (I prefer to use the essential oils from doTERRA). By drinking this first thing when you wake up, your digestive system gets a little wake up call…


Breakfast, or should I say break-the-fast. 

Take your time in the morning for your first meal of the day. Your body and brain come from a sleep state, give it some energy so it can go to work for you. Make your choices according to taste, not to time!

A whole fruit and veggie smoothie with an optional add-on of vegan protein powder (in the Netherlands I used the products of Mattisson, will need to update this soon, because I am running a out, so any tips for products available in India are welcome)

For the non-vegan, think of an omelet with whole veggies (spinach, mushroom, tomato) and toast

Overnight oats, which are so easy to make. On top of that, low in sugar, contains fiber, no highly processed white flour

I will soon post some recipes into detail, so let me know if you have any special request, send me a message through Facebook or Instagram :)


In some cultures this used to be the most important meal of the day, which results in a lighter and easier digested meal for the evening. But still to often I see people rushing to get some food at lunch, eating it on the run or behind the desk. Try to make time for your lunchbreak. When you put the right ‘fuel’ in, this will result in a more productive afternoon. 


Let’s do food-preparation the simple way: don’t worry, no need to eat the same every day! Think of preparing the basics: boiling rice and quinoa, boiling some eggs, roasting some different vegetables as broccoli, carrots and sweet potato and store it in air sealed containers, preferably glass. Roast some tempeh or tofu. Making two different flavoured humus, cleaning carrots and radish (store these in water to keep them crisp) for snack, apple or banana with peanut butter is also nice. Have some avocado, tomatoes and different seeds for topping and voila… Different healthy and colourful lunch for you to take with you, now do take your time to enjoy it!

Dinner and after dinner

Because the lunch was more of a meal compared to the sandwich on the go, you can easily go for soup in the evening. And again here, you can go totally wild in combinations. Take the vegetables which are in season for where you live, use sweet potato or lentils to get it creamy and make it more nutritious. You van serve it with some toast of choice on the side, maybe a light green salad for freshness. Serve yourself a big mug with hot peppermint infusion after you have finished your dinner. This relieves from any gas or bloating and reduces indigestion. And besides that? Taste really good!!


beauty: dry brushing

Dry brushing is so nice!! This is something I do in warmer climates only once a week, in colder weather 2 times a week. What is the effect of it? When you dry brush your skin gets a nice exfoliation. Do this before you shower, and oil your body afterwards, I prefer raw coconut oil, sometimes with a drop of essential oil like Rose or Lavender.

Follow these easy guidelines: Start at the ankles and move in circular upwards motion, in direction of the heart. Then do to the belly, arms, and shoulders. When brushing your back, go from the neck towards your lower back. It takes about 5 minutes, before you go in the shower. Try to avoid sensitive areas, where the skin is irritated for example.

On the inside of the body, you are stimulating the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the removal of all cellular waste and you increase your circulation. Do try to find a brush made of natural materials, for example from Ecotools or Amazon

This is not in the 6 tips which I have written above, it is a freebie, a bonus. it is a very easy one:

Skip the elevator, take the stairs (on the way up and down), go by bike or walk wherever possible.

Instead of getting stressed out about not having time to workout, go practice yoga or go running, find extra movement in your day. If you really want to keep up with your moving pattern, invest in one of these watches that will do the that for you;)