feeling of wellness...on the go

Fragrance triggers reaction, memory... The sense of smell is being processed by the brain, and smell or fragrance can trigger memory. The feeling of wellness, that fragrance when you enter a spa for a day of relaxation. This is in our own hands to create in our homes, but as well when we travel a lot, we can bring our signature scent with us. 

I use a diffuser I bought here on Amazon, great for relaxing while traveling, removing unpleasant odours in hotel rooms or add more humidity to the air. Below I have a couple of blends which you can use, but knowing smell is very personal, what is for me pleasant, can be different for you. In the image to the right you see an outline of what emotions go with different oils and from there you can create your own signature fragrance. 

If you choose to use essential oils while going to practice yoga, please be mindful of the effect of the fragrance to others. This goes too for if you are a teacher and would like to use fragrance in your class. Try to stay on the neutral side, think of the experience of entering a spa, maybe a blend of citrus like Lemon with a light hint of Eucalyptus...If using it in a class, don't be afraid to ask your students for feedback, would love to hear all about the signature blends you come up with, related to season or feeling...


Grounding: Balance / Cedar

Energy Blend: Peppermint / Wild Orange

Uplifting Blend: Elevation / Bergamot

Relaxation Blend: Lavender / Serenity

Inner Joy: Clove / Ylang Ylang / Geranium

Focus: Mint / Eucalyptus / Lavender

Meditation: Frankincense / Jasmine / Clary Sage

Rise & Shine: Bergamot / Lemon / Rose

Winding Down: Chamomile / Petitgrain / Vetiver