defined by numbers

Last week I wrote a post on Instagram regarding birthdays and ageing, on the occasion it was my own birthday and why I decided to start celebrating this day instead of ignoring it. One of the last books by Oprah Winfrey: ‘What I know for sure’. A candid book with short stories, talking about her experiences and outtake on life. The following words kept singing in my head: 

You are not the same person you were a decade ago; if you’re lucky, you’re not the same person you were last year. The whole point of ageing, is change. If we let our experiences teaching us about ourselves. Celebrate that. Honour it. Hold it in reverence. Be grateful for every age you are blessed to become’.

It made me think what my reason was not to celebrate. Was it because I was ashamed of my age? Because most people I am surrounded with, who I consider to be my friends and some of them as well work together, are younger. Some significantly younger. But the number of years I have are there for a reason. The person I am today, is because of how I have lived these years. The words I choose to speak, the laughs I laugh and the tears I cry, are because of the 47 years I have been living this life…


I have grown to ‘now’, embracing the lines in my face, the body not being that one of a teenager but very healthy, a heart that is everyday challenged but in a good way... Life is good if we understand that we are the creators of it. When we focus on the goodness, we create more of it💫

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you when your next is up to be celebrated!

If you, man or woman, are doing what I did all these years, hiding your real age, taking a few numbers of, trying to fit in to an image displayed by still too many fashion magazines...Please stop and take a moment to look into the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful as you are. Be nice to yourself, keep your body and mind healthy without giving in to the ‘ideal’ of commercials. Take away the filters and let’s keep it real, keep it pure, keep it raw. 

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