When we start teaching classes, only then we start to develop what we really would like to share and how we would like to share all we are learning in our trainings. What works for one, does not necessary mean it will work for the other. Some are really happy teaching community classes and someone else will find his or her happiness in creating an online platform. I myself have found my ‘niche’ of teaching trainings, helping students and teachers to expand their knowledge and give them more tools and knowledge to share to their communities.

Try to narrow some things down: who are you as a teacher and what do you share? Can you see your teaching as a craft and would you like to create a sustainability and longevity in this? Let’s take a large piece of paper, in the centre you write your name, and from there connecting the dots. Write down all topics which make your hard sing: teaching community classes, privates or corporates. Giving workshops or immersions, teach at festivals, teacher trainings, or retreats.Start your own yoga studio, online platform, recording and publishing podcasts, mentorship or coaching, writing books, ebooks or articles, developing products for retail…. 

Another nice way is to create a mood board. In this you are even going deeper in to finding out who you are and what you would like to share. Defining maybe even your brand: colours you would like to use in your online presence, what type of photography etc. More on this will follow soon, that is a new blog by itself.


You see the options are endless. In all the options the most important is to choose one or two, so you are not diverting your energy in to too many different directions. If you have created the first setup and everything is all up and running, you will have enough opportunity to broaden your market if you wish. As a beginning teacher it is beautiful to wanting to teach trainings and workshops, but you will need knowledge to share, so this might require lot’s of study on continuing education, maybe a 300hr training or shorter programs to start with. If you wish to teach retreats, maybe together with another teacher or therapist? Try to define in writing as precise as possible, so you’re not getting distracted by all that is possible :)

See if it is possible to apply the yamas and niyamas into your creations. The words business and yoga go very well together, it is how you create and what kind of energy you put in these….