online or not

During the last few weeks I have received a lot of questions from students about social media and teaching yoga. For some in the yoga community it is seen as a controversial topic and I don’t think it should be. When we teach, we master our art of sharing and this can also continue into what we share online. 

When we finish a training, often we are so overwhelmed with all we have learned, all the new people we have connected with. It can be very challenging to start integrating all this in your life back home, or maybe on your onward journey if that is your path. If you wish to create an online presence, Instagram, Facebook, maybe even a website or a YouTube channel… It is not a necessity but for some it can be very helpful tools, I speak from my own experience having no fixed home-base. So if you do not feel comfortable with it, maybe it are not the right tools for you. If you do feel comfortable with these platforms, I have one big tip: Stay you… Make sure you are still ‘you’, in your teaching as well as in online presence. 

I have come across many accounts on Instagram, which are not in relation anymore to the person behind. That is often such a shame, because these people have probably a lot to say or share, but the format is probably not the right one for them.


Take the next few days some time, to reflect on who you are and what is your message you would like to get out in the world and to your students. Knowing that a perfect life or picture does not exist. Often our strength and character are shown in our flaws, our mistakes or quirky laughs…

When I was still teaching in the Netherlands, I used to mentor teachers who just finished their training; offered them a place in my classes to assist and guidance on their way of finding places to teach, how to set up a logbook for sequences, how to communicate with students outside the class… I loved doing this and have decided to create an online program, how to create a business, what steps to take and how to do this mindfully, respecting the teachings from the yoga philosophy. 

If you are interested, already let me know by contacting me by email, so I can let you know as soon as it is online. Let me help you take your next steps, let us create more mindfulness in this wonderful yoga-community!