treat yourself to nice

If you know me a little bit, you might know I just love ice-cream...but I also like to eat food that is good for me. That is why I fell in love with nice-cream a few years ago. 

When I discovered this healthy treat, I was in Surinam spending some time with my parents, as I was in between seasons of work (summer seasonal work in the South of France...a whole different story, might tell about that later). Surinam is a beautiful country, a former colony of the Netherlands which you can find in between British and French Guyana on the Atlantic/Caribbean coast of South America. My holidays there were always about a lot of free time and so, together with my mum we started experimenting with recipes. Like any country near the amazon, the abundance of tropical fruits was mouthwatering. But with the fruits always being so ripe, when bought at the local markets, they basically needed to be eaten straight away. We started to clean the fruits and cutting them in small pieces to store in the freezer: mango, papaya and bananas... These three fruits and avocado are mixing well with any other fruit, vegetable and chocolate (but of course!!), because of their creamy substance.

For this recipe, I use ripe bananas. If you keep some well ripe fruits in the freezer, best to store them in glass containers. For this recipe, you will need a good blender, because of the frozen fruit and not too much used liquids. Doesn’t mean you need to break the bank for it, these I have a good experience with(link)

Ingredients (serves two)

  • 2 medium sized ripe bananas (frozen)

  • unsweetened almond milk

  • add flavours with spices like: cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla. You can also use a small scoop of vegan vanilla protein-powder to make it a after work-out snack...or add some blueberries to make it ‘berry-licious’...

For chocolate nice-cream I prefer to use avocado instead of bananas. Add a scoop of raw chocolate powder will give you the most wonderful, delicious yumminess you have ever tasted.

Decorate with some goji berries and seeds of choice to make it even look more mmmm....